rec・la・ma・tion [rekləˈmāSH(ə)n] noun (1) The act or process of reclaiming something or someone. (2) To find the value in something that others overlook. (3) The act of returning something or someone to a former and better state.

The old truck right outside our doors is a symbol of reclamation. Beat up, no engine, no transmission, no seats — not even a steering wheel. Once proud and useful; but 69 years later, just a heap of rusting metal.


Now it's useful again. Still no engine, transmission, seats or steering wheel. Still covered in dings and dents. Not restored for its original purpose, but reclaimed for a better purpose. Once again loved and valued, but not for its strength or beauty. Now loved for its message, and for the One whose name is written upon it.

Just like us.

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“Let’s get real.”

Most people just don’t like church… and who can blame them? You must act a certain way, dress a certain way, and you typically leave feeling guilty.

At Reclamation Church we are striving to embrace EVERYONE right where they are at, (regardless of their life situation) so that they can discover the goodness of Jesus Christ. We do this by following his example and Loving Like Jesus.

We are saving a seat for you. You may just be surprised that church can be enjoyable.

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Beautiful things happen when we invest our lives in the work of Jesus. He promised an incredible gift, the Holy Spirit, that lives within each of his followers. The Holy Spirit gives us many gifts, talents, skills, and an unfathomable power that our Heavenly Father uses to accomplish His work. When a church functions together as One Body it’s a beautiful expression of God at work through us.


Worship starts at 10:00 AM on Sundays at Reclamation Church for in-person worship.

We’d love to see you in person, but if you are unable to join us face-to-face, please join us on our website (re.church/worship) or our Facebook page (facebook.com/re.churchplano).

Don’t forget to connect with us or drop a comment so we know you’re watching online!

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